Germany !!! My team of 2014


How much do we love and wanna support Germany VS Brazil tonight? Brillant girls talk night with Kaesespaetzle, sausages, potato salad, pork knuxkle and of coz black forest cake (with kirsh)! Cake with alcohol taste so much better! (gotta make this cake for Winnie’s bday)

P.S. So glad to see us growing and turning into cute young ladies :-* feeling young lol


Birthday cake


Wanting to have a perfect birthday cake for myself, I have followed Eugenie’s recipes of French apple upside down cake.

Ingredients (12 servings)

For quatre-quarts filling:
unsalted butter 200 g, at room temperature
granulated sugar 200 g
4 eggs, medium-sized
whole milk 30 ml
Cake flour 200 g ( I have used AP flour)
baking powder 10 g
Pinch of salt

For apple filling:
4 apples
unsalted butter 90 g
Caster sugar 112g

To serve:
Ground cinnamon and confectioners’ sugar for dusting


Thanks mum for helping the preparation. Beating the pound cake base is a bit of work out but it went surprisingly good (at least thats hpw I felt when I looked at it)


I have added dried cranberries into the pound cake to add some favor and sweetness because HK people (absolutely excluding me) may not be so fond of cooked apple with cinnamon.


I have shower once after putting my baby into the oven. It was hilarious because mum screamed about the smell and I was warapped in a towel when I checked my bb! I didnt undeestand why my baby cake is black. Omg!!!!


Luckily, my cake still looks nice aftee cutting the dark skin.



P.S. Thanks Joyce for the bday dinner. This vegetatian restaurant is delecant and comfy. 禪禪禪。。。

How to find my style?

I have been thinking about this question for a few years.Alright! My personal style is to make me happy and express the person who I am!!
Gotta find my inspiration (not specifically celeb)
Love yourself and always dress your best!!

So, what is my style?? I would say…. classy/ casual/ preppy sport (maybe)… but I really wanna to be more femanine (my recently goal)

TS style    V.V